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Manual starting of servers is now in the past. TimoCloud always starts enough servers - depending on the online player count per minigame. As soon as a game starts, a new server of the same group will be started automatically.


TimoCloud is perfect for every kind of network. It does not matter if you just want to have two game servers or a huge network - TimoCloud has been tested for every possible scope. Watch the video showing when over 300 servers are started, managed and synchronized simultaneously by TimoCloud in a livestream.


In order to balance your network's workload, you can use multiple virtual/dedicated servers with TimoCloud. It's as simple as starting TimoCloud on every server and setting the Core's address, and TimoCloud will always choose the server with the best available resources to start instances.

Endless amount of proxies. And players.

Huge servers often need more than one proxy (BungeeCord). Hence, TimoCloud includes CloudFlare support, which creates SRV records automatically. Hereby, players are balanced over the BungeeCord's automatically. And there is no player limit.

Intelligent Sign-System

In order for players to be able to join servers, signs are often required in the lobby. TimoCloud's integrated Sign-System does not only look great, but is also intelligent: Sign-Layouts are completely configurable, can be animated, and even the block behind a sign can be automatically changed, depending on a server's state.
To be as user-friendly as possible, only free servers are shown - ingame servers and every other configurated state will be sorted out.

Powerful API

You can use the integrated API everywhere - on Bukkit, BungeeCord and the Core. The data of all the servers and proxies is being synchronized over the whole network in real-time. And through the event API, all plugins are being informed about events within milliseconds.